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Delighted to announce we won 5 medals at

Oko Caribe, Dominican Republic/ Ucayali River Peru

At cóco chocolate we are committed to the craft of bean to bar chocolate making. All our chocolate is made from organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar and organic cacao butter. The beans are fair trade and sourced from the Dominican Republic and Peru. We pay a premium for the beans to ensure we get the highest quality product and the farmers are paid fairly which ensures their practices are too.
Once we have the beans they are hand sorted, roasted and then stone ground for up to 60 hours to rid the beans of their bitterness and enhance their natural flavor. Our chocolate is single origin and not blended so you can get a real taste of cacao from that region of the world

Academy of chocolate winner 2017, 2018 & 2019

70% with Achill Island sea salt. Bronze 2017

Beer bar. Silver 2018

70% Oko Caribe. Bronze 2018

70% Ucayali River. Bronze 2018

60% Single origin drinking chocolate. Silver 2018

Molls and Bubs milk chocolate. Bronze 2018

70% with Raspberry Balsamic. Bronze 2019

London Fog. Bronze 2019

Where to find us?

Chocolate for all occassions

Wonderland escapes, Kingston

Days on Front, Kingston

Cha Cha Tea, Kingston

Kingston Olive Oil Company Kingston and Picton

Living Rooms Ecological Living and building, Kingston

Kingston Visitors Center

JoJo CoCo, Kanata

“Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food. ”

- Michael Levine-

The Process

Sorting - All beans are hand sorted to remove stones, twigs and any overfermented beans.

Roasting - The beans are then roasted to reach the desired flavour. Too short a roast and it will have a poor flavour profile and too long it will taste burnt!

Cracking - This process exposes the nibs from the shell.

Winnowing - The nibs are then sepreated from the shells.

Conching - The nibs are ground to produce cacao liquor.

Refining - The liquor is refined in a stone roller drum for up to 60 hours where organic sugar and organic cacao butter are added at different intervals.

Aging - The chocolate is then aged for two weeks to allow the flavour profile to develop.

Tempering - The chocolate is then brought to various temperatures to stop crystallization and to give it the nice shine and snap we associate with chocolate. It is then put into molds, cooled and packaged for you to enjoy. Phewwwww! A long process!!!!


If you have any questions on allergy information or would like to see certain flavours don't hesitate to contact us

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